Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Drift Strategy

For a field recording project, I am required to do a drift, or a random walk. For my drift, I decided to take the process completely out of my hands. The ideas of using random decision making objects (IE: dice, cards, etc) to decide which path I take intrigued me, so I decided to go with that strategy. However, I did not want to be encumbered with having to pull out multiple objects and interact with them on every turn of my journey. I instead wanted to use an object I take with me everywhere anyways: my cell phone.

Being that I own an HTC Evo, a device that runs on the Android platform, I can develop and run my own software for it. For this project, I developed my own custom application in which I can input which directions are possible for me to turn. After I input this data the software chooses a random direction in which to travel.

I look forward to actually using this application in the "wild", and seeing how it helps my project.

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